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Pregnancy Studio Private

Want to start working out at our Pilates studio? 

A Studio Starter Pack is a great way to try out our beautiful studio equipment and experience semi private sessions with our amazing highly qualified instructors.

Experience the difference of  semi private Pilates workouts today.

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Pre & Post Natal  Pilates Courses

Tired of being just another body in a group class?  Then our Pilates 14 Day Workout Program is for you!! By committing to just 14 days (yes, 2 weeks!) your dedicated Instructors will work closely with you to ensure you leave each session feeling stronger and leaner with a new found sense of mind-body connection.  It's the personalised attention you receive during your sessions with us that will have you feeling and seeing results.
Challenges start at $390

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Mat & Barre Courses

​​​Pre and Post Natal Mums

Studio Privates - Special Offer!

We believe under the right guidance you can continue to feel strong and energised throughout your pregnancy.
Investing in private sessions will not only see you working out with programs specifically tailored to your body, you will also learn more about what your body needs to continue feeling strong and centered outside the studio. 

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Time to take your reformer Pilates workout to a new level. Our 5 week courses offer a semi private setting so you can expect to work with improved technique and increased challenge. Your Pilates workouts will never be the same! 

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Reformer Pilates Courses

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Northside Pilates is a fully equipped boutique Pilates studio committed to taking clients on a journey towards transformation. Our highly experienced Pilates instructors  lead you to improved posture, flexibility and strength. Whether you are new or advanced to Pilates we have the perfect Pilates program for you. 

  • Learn how to correctly align your posture to experience the efficiency of movement it brings 
  • Quickly build strength and mobility as you awaken and work small muscles groups 
  • Start to feel your body transform as you become stronger and leaner with each challenging workout

Our beautiful studio space has been created to encourage you to leave your stresses of the day at the door and indulge in a  mind-body workout prepared for you. At the end of each workout you will leave us feeling stronger, lighter, energized with a new sense of clarity.

6 Week Mat Courses - $140 

Pregnancy PilatesFocuses on increasing your leg and upper body strength together with pelvis and hip stability. 

  • ​Wednesday  May 9th @6pm

Mums & Bubs  - Bring your baby along, meet other Mums and work on your pelvic floor at the same time!

  •  Monday May 21st @ 10.30am


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Personalised workouts developed by qualified and highly experienced instructors

Your Pilates Challenge

New small group mat courses starting soon.