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Investing in private sessions allow your instructor to focus entirely on you and what your body needs for that session. Not only is this a more effective way to workout  you will also \earn more about what your body needs to continue feeling strong and centred outside the studio.

Working one-on-one with your instructor every workout will focus on you and what your body needs.

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Semi private workouts are a perfect way to make sure you are still investing in time for you. Your individual Pilates program is tailored for you and will change according to your stage of pregnancy. You will work in a semi private setting with up to 3 other clients (1:4).

 All new studio clients start with a private initial (1hr) consultation.

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​​The perfect way to maintain your health and wellbeing from the first trimester to when you arrive home with your new little bundle. Our 6 week courses focus on the areas you need it most in a small group mat class setting. Whether you are new to Pilates or a devotee  our courses will  provide an opportunity to feel grounded and strong as you bond with bub as you focus within. 


Specialising in building strength through pregnancy


Studio Starter Pack 

1x Initial Consultation

1 x Private session
3 x Semi private sessions
$285 ($70 saving)

Initial Consultation - $110



Pregnancy Private x 1 - $90
Pregnancy Private x 5 - $435
​Pregnancy Private x 10 - $800​

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Our team of experienced Pilates instructors deliver a variety of studio workouts together with pre and postnatal 6 week courses. We are committed to building your strength and mobility during all stages of pregnancy and have many classes available. You may enjoy pregnancy Pilates workouts at any time, generally from 12 weeks and can continue right up until your labor.


​A great Pilates Mat course for mums-to-be experiencing any trimester. Each week our experienced instructor will take you through breathwork, stretching and pelvic floor awareness. Most importantly we will get your spine moving to help release tension whilst working your legs and arms to give you plenty of strength for your little bundle.

​- $150

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​​Every pregnancy experience is unique and it is important that you find the right type of exercise to suit your body. We believe under the right guidance you can continue to feel strong and energised throughout your pregnancy.​​

Studio sessions are a great way to help manage the changes your body encounters during pre and postnatal stages.  Your workouts may be scheduled as private or semi private (4:1) and will be tailored and modified especially for your body.

​Our Pilates Mat course provides an increased focus on returning core and pelvic floor strength in addition to bringing awareness  and  rehabilitation  of abdominal splits (diastasis).  It's the perfect way to start exercising again while spending time with your baby. 

-$150 ​​

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