Your Body.......  Your Practise........


•    I have given Northside Pilates all the necessary information about myself to prevent any possible complications. 

•    I agree to immediately notify Northside Pilates should my condition change and I experience any illness or injury that may affect my ability to exercise safely. 

•    I agree to take full responsibility for my actions and to follow the program prescribed for me to the best of my ability. 

•    I understand that there are inherent risks in undertaking an exercise program and I agree not to hold any representative of Northside Pilates, or any related persons or parties, personally liable for any problems, loss, theft, illness or injury that might occur during my participation in this program. 

•    Northside Pilates reserves the right to amend the timetable from time to time to suit customer demand.  

•    Abuse of the equipment or other inappropriate behavior may result in the cancellation of a membership.  

•    Northside Pilates may periodically bring independent contractors into the Studio to provide service to customers. 

•    Proper athletic attire including clean socks are required to utilise Northside Pilates facilities. 

•    Weights and equipment must be treated with care and returned to storage areas after use.   

•    I understand that expiry dates apply to all Northside Pilates packages and that Northside Pilates has a no refund policy.   

 •    I agree that I must give 24 hours notice of cancellation of bookings, Monday bookings to be cancelled by preceding Friday, or the full session fee will be charged. 

Exercise and physical exertion pose an inherent level of risk. It is important that you declare all pre existing medical conditions to ensure that Northside Pilates can advise you on what methods and levels of exercise are appropriate and safe for you.