​​AM Pilates (45mins)


Northside Pilates is a fully equipped boutique Pilates studio committed to taking clients on a journey towards transformation.

Our highly experienced instructors  lead you to improved posture, alignment, balance, coordination, flexibility and strength. Whether you’re a cyclist, runner, boxer, yogi, weight lifter or dancer your performance will shift towards significant improvement while reducing risk of injury as you- 

  • Learn how to correctly align your posture to experience the efficiency of movement it brings during exercise
  • Quickly build strength and mobility as your new training habits take you to an increased level of fitness
  • Start to feel your body transform as our instructors continue to increase your level of challenge every workout

Our studio space has been created to encourage you to leave your stresses of the day at the door and indulge in a  mind body workout prepared for you. At the end of each workout you will leave feeling stronger, lighter, energized with a new sense of clarity.

Barre Express Fridays


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Personalised workouts developed by qualified and highly experienced instructors

Weekend Retreat

Tuesday - Pilates Circle

Thursday - Pilates Strength Training

The perfect way to start your day! Challenge your core while lengthening and strengthening the areas you need it most. Special AM discounts are available!! Start your day feeling energised, motivated and excited for your next workout.

Open to all levels of experience.


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Make Friday your new leg day!

Our new Barre Express class has started on Fridays @12.45. A 45 minute  class focussing on strengthening your glutes and hamstrings.

We also use free-weights and discs to provide an extra challenging workout that will send your heart rate soaring. Suitable all levels.

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Mind Body Pilates Retreat  

Don Valley, 3-7 November


Whether you are embarking on a new approach to mind body fitness or looking to deepen your practise this retreat will open doors to a new level of Pilates practise that works for you. 

Leave  with a stronger body, a greater sense of clarity and a set of tools to help you continue your transformation beyond your retreat

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